Date: Friday 31st August, 2018.

Time: Registration 8:00am   Conference 8:15am - 4:30pm  

Location: 36 Dodd Street, WEMBLEY WA 6014 @ Bendat Parent and Community Centre - Auditorium.  

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Dieback Information Group (DIG) is Western Australia’s annual conference for industry, community, researchers and Government to share current programs, research developments and management tactics to combat native plant diseases, including Phytophthora Dieback.  

This years 17th conference will present big ideas and emerging issues presented by Dr Richard Walley OAM, Dr Paul Barber, special guest from N.Z. Te Tui Shortland and a range of research by leading PhD students.  Incorporating indigenous wisdom into managing natural assets, plus case studies, will show how community, local government and industry can work together to address Phytophthora Dieback and other key plant pathogens.

Delegates will be encouraged to actively share their knowledge to help identify future messages and actions that can readily be adopted to address the significant challenges that Phytophthora Dieback presents.

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Catering will be provided.

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The 2017 DIG Program is up on the conference registration page - and it looks good! We have a full program of fantastic speakers from university, community groups, the mining industry, NRM, and State Government speaking on a range of topics that will help us to better understand and manage Phytophthora Dieback. 

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DWG is inviting Environmental Educators & School Teachers to participate in updating the award-winning Discovering Dieback Education Program. There are 30 lesson plans to choose from & we have teachers on-board from Dunsborough to Perth! But there is room for your New ideas - What’s good about a lesson? What’s bad? Advice? ALL IDEAS WELCOME!!

Participants can be acknowledged in the final publication, plus be invited to a “Professional Development Session” to build your skills and access the final "free" teaching resource.

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You are invited to join industry leaders at the next Dieback Information Group (DIG) Conference.


This 16th annual DIG Conference is themed “Threatened Species and Communities”, because our megadiverse environment is facing extraordinary levels of species’ loss and ecosystem impact.

We are seeking sponsors for our annual Dieback Information Group (DIG) Conference, to be held on Friday 29th of September at Murdoch University, Western Australia.

Its not too late to become a Conference Sponsor. Please click here to download our sponsorship plans and details.becomeasponsor

Speakers from the DWG and CPSM will be presenting on Phytophthora Dieback and marri canker at the upcoming Managing significant native plant diseases of south-west WA seminar at Murdoch University this Friday as part of Perth NRM's Professional development in Environmental Management Series. 
Perth NRM invitesenvironmental managers, researchers, landscapers and community leaders to this seminar which will assist you to understand the environmental impact of these pathogens and to learn about methods to manage their spread.  

As part of its aim to deliver targeted Green Card Training, taoilored for specific audiences, the DWG will be holding Local Government Green Card Training on Friday 28th of April 2017 at the City of Melville Civic Centre. This is the first in our series of targeted Green Card Training sessions and stems from a need for a Green Card Training session that addresses management and hygiene requirements faced by local Government employees.

As we're welcoming summer rainfall into our gardens and native bushland, Phytophthoras are taking advantage of the wet, warm soil conditions created to get active, producing spores and infecting new hosts. This wet soil is also much stickier and more easily caught in the grooves of your shoes and tyres and the underside of your vehicle.

 With more active Phytophthora in the soil and the higher risk of spead, these are crucial times for Phytophthora Dieback hygiene. Here's what you can do:

  • Avoid/ put off any activities that involve soil movement for drier soil conditions.
  • Reduce the number of vehicles, machinery and equipment you are using on your infested sites.
  • Clean down your boots, vehicle, machinery and equipment between sites/ reserves
  • Use a sanitising agent such as 5% bleach, 70% Methylated Spirits or Phytoclean to finish your clean
  • Use a checklist to inspect for soil, plant and animal material before entering a site/ reserve.

You can use the DWG Green Card Vehicle and Machinery Checklist to develop your own version adapted for the types of vehicles or machinery you are inspecting. Download a copy here pdfVehicle_and_Machinery_Inspection__Washdown_Checklist 

Slender Green Tree Frog KS

Its hard to believe its been more than 10 years the DWG and Armadale Primary School created the award winning Discovering Dieback Education Package and "Stop The Rot" was performed by year 6 students from Armadale Primary School for the first time before hundreds of spectators, winning the JRock competition and drawing much needed attention to the Phytophthora Dieback issue. This program was a point of pride for our late Chairman, Ian Colquhoun, and to date has educated more than 1200 school children and helped protect 100's of hectares of bushland. With funding awarded by the Western Australian Government's State NRM Program we are now able to update our program and expand the reach  of of program to greater encompass regional schools.

The DWG is running an open Green Card Training session on the 13th of December at the Dept of Parks and Wildlife in Kensington. The session will cover what an on-ground operator in a Phytophthora disease risk area needs to know to manage their Phytophthora Dieback risk in their daily operations.


Date: Tuesday 13th December.
Location: Purnululu Room, Department of Parks and Wildlife, 17 Dick Perry Ave, Kesington.
Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm
Cost: $150pp including GST (cost includes morning tea, handouts and training resources)
More details on the Green Card page: https://www.dwg.org.au/green-card

Register now to book your place in the training. Private training sessions can be arranged through our DWG Trainers listed on the Green Card Training page.

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